Terms & Conditions

You must read, agree with and accept all of the policies and terms below to join AS Earning by creating an account you accept and Acknowledge the following rules. AS Earning (ASES) may modify or terminate the following rules of user at any time for any reason.

We periodically update our terms to ensure their consistency with our policies and allow for addition of new features and continued improvement of our advertisement and publishing products as effective and useful as possible

  • “Company” refers to AS Earning (ASES)
  • “Members” refers to every individuals who creates an account at the ASES
  • “Account rates” refer to price of package purchased by the members from the company.
  • “Per click rates” refers to the amount company will pay to member on each click.
  • Member who create account at ASES will accept following terms and Conditions.
  • Member will deposit the amount as per their package before approval of account on AS Earning Bank accounts. And paid amount is non refundable.
  • Company has the rights to change the account rates , per click rates and number of daily ads without any notice.
  • Company has the rights to control all the advertisement policies and settings.
  • Company has the rights to on hold the website with or without any prior notice.
  • Member can request withdraw only when minimum limit of revenue has been reached.
  • Company will pay withdrawal within seven working days or after that with a notice.
  • No payout/ balance will send if the publisher account is closed or suspended and his account limit is full.
  • Company may terminate an account with or without prior notice if the member fails to comply with the terms.
  • Any use of offensive and nasty languages when contacting to support staff will be subject to immediate account termination without any notice.
  • Attempt to misuse AS Earning will result in immediate account close.